Character names reveal

As promised, I’ll be sharing the names of all the major players in The Elven Dilemma below. But first, some backstory. Over the years, most of these names have changed at least once, and some of them have changed twice as I’ve gotten older and more mature (and less influenced by anime if we’re being honest). But there are three names that have remained consistent over time, which just blows my mind. How did 11-year-old Marie think of these names that she still loves 18 years later? I won’t question it. Which names do you think have persisted from the beginning?

So here we go. These names will be listed in order of importance, with the exception of the two main characters who are equal in importance. Next to the names, I will give a short explanation of who these characters are and their general roles in the story. Let’s get into it!

Valkan: male counterpart of the Protector

Veronia: female counterpart of the Protector

            Valkan and Veronia are twins from Kana Village who have been marked by the Protector. They must find strength within themselves and in each other to persist against the darkness the Chosen One brings.

Veronia © Robert Hallowell

Cyan: male counterpart of the Chosen One

Caiwynne: female counterpart of the Chosen One

            Cyan and Caiwynne are twins from Haven Village who were marked as the Chosen One. Legend tells that the Chosen One will cleanse the land and unify the people under one rule. For good or for evil, only time will tell.

Samara: cousin of Valkan and Veronia. Samara disappeared as a child but returned to take her place as the bride of the Chosen One.

Athren: the mysterious stranger who shows up out of nowhere and helps Veronia realize her power.

Cephan: Cyan’s oldest brother. He is banished by Cyan after failing to trap Veronia into being his bride, and he spends his days trying to make up for it.

Horlaen: the human accused of kidnapping Samara as a child. Horlaen lives in isolation but agrees to train Valkan for the upcoming battle.

Raenna: dumpling maker in Haven Village. She raises her son and niece alone in a cottage outside the village and gives Valkan refuge. Her son is Rowan, and her niece (whom she treats as a daughter) is Maelle.

Well, there it is. Those are the main characters in The Elven Dilemma. I can’t wait to share even more of this with you as I finish the book. Stay tuned for more updates.